Medical Cannabis and Depression

Depression can result from social, biological or psychological factors, which means it has no straightforward cure or treatment. What is important is ensuring you live a healthy lifestyle by eliminating stressors, exercising regularly, which boosts endorphins, meditating, sleeping 7-9 hours a day and eating a balanced diet.​Psychotherapy can be used to help in recognizing and […]

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Crohn’s Disease and Cannabis Sativa

Many chronic illnesses and painful diseases are listed as valid reasons for gaining the right to use medical marijuana as a mechanism for relief from the symptoms affected people experience on a daily basis. Crohn’s disease is one of these accepted diseases.​A recent study used 21 people suffering from severe, intractable Crohn’s disease to test […]

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Can Medical Marijuana Really Cure Epilepsy and Seizures?

​The world is now seeing just how effective medical marijuana can be in treating neurological disorders such as epilepsy. But along with the breakthrough comes a string of issues- how legal and safe is cannabis use? Which among the many different kinds of cannabinoid product proves to be the most effective in treating seizures?How Cannabis […]

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The Connection Between Fibromyalgia and Medical Cannabis

The relationship between marijuana and fibromyalgia extends to as far back as ancient history. Shen-Nun, a Chinese Emperor has mentioned in texts that cannabis had a profound effect in treating “rheumatism”, which is an old term for fibromyalgia.Today, we have come to understand that cannabis is made up of two main components- CBD, or cannabidiol […]

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Medical Cannabis Effect on Aids and HIV

Cannabis is a widely known therapeutic medicine that can stop vomiting, nausea and seizures with just one drop or one puff. It’s one of the best ways to acquire needed nutrients, stimulate appetite and reduce epileptic episodes. But can medical marijuana help ease neuropathic pain induced by AIDS or HIV?Marinol is the most popular drug […]

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Hypertension Treatment With MMJ

The latest studies regarding metabolic syndrome have concluded that consumption of medical marijuana can provide excellent relief.The National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey has revealed that metabolic syndrome is a condition that affects thousands of people in the US and around the world. The symptoms include obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, among others.A recent […]

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Medical Cannabis For Better Sleep

Medical marijuana can be used to treat a wide variety of sleeping disorders, some of which include insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and parasomnias. When traditional sleep therapy methods fail, should the individual turn to medical cannabis for sleep treatment?​Cannabis has been found to improve the length and the quality of sleep in […]

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Weed for Women: A Pain-Free Period

Smoking pot may not sound like a doctor’s prescription for menstrual cramps, but marijuana may be the key to a pain-free period.Recent studies have shown that medical cannabis can be quite an effective form of pain relief. Though research isn’t ample enough to back up physicians just yet, women have been prescribed similar treatment centuries […]

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