Is Cannabinoid Good For Asthma?

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Marijuana vapors have a remarkable ability to actually improve a patient's lung function instead of doing it harm.

Experts recommend vaping CBD instead of smoking it as it delivers the medicinal effects of marijuana without damaging the lungs. What's surprising is that marijuana can benefit patients suffering from asthma and improve the lung functions as an excellent bronchodilator. A recent study published by the Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Pharmacology discusses how medical marijuana can bring about asthma relief and protect the lungs from further harm.

THC and THC-V Benefits

Researchers have used guinea pigs to try and understand how cannabinoids could slow down bronchoconstriction. The following marijuana compounds were put under the microscope- THC-V, CBD-A, CBC, CBG, CBD and THC. Scientists found out that the THC-V and THC compounds were the best elements that inhibited the constrictions, with THC coming out on top. Other compounds didn't have a noticeable effect at all. In terms of CB1 and CB2 receptors, THC displayed remarkable antitussive and anti-inflammatory activity.

THC-V is similar to THC in terms of structure, with the only difference being the 3-carbon propyl chain. Moreover, THC-V does not have the psychoactive properties that THC has and is shown to have promise in treating Parkinson's Disease and other similar disorders. Where THC activates the CB1, THC-V disrupts it while keeping the negative effects such as nausea at bay.

Though CBD is currently getting all the spotlight the in the world of medicine and alternative healing, people mustn't forget THC and its unique therapeutic ability. CBD and THC are better when they go hand in hand- the right balance of dosage between these two compounds will work better synergistically as compared to each compound working alone.

CBD takes the back seat in helping with asthma, but more research will reveal just how well it can cure other serious health conditions and disorders. Don't forget that CBD can potentially treat many inflammatory lung diseases and can even help fight lung cancer.

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