The Connection Between Fibromyalgia and Medical Cannabis

Cannabis for Fibromyalgia

The relationship between marijuana and fibromyalgia extends to as far back as ancient history. Shen-Nun, a Chinese Emperor has mentioned in texts that cannabis had a profound effect in treating "rheumatism", which is an old term for fibromyalgia.

Today, we have come to understand that cannabis is made up of two main components- CBD, or cannabidiol and THC. Each have their own strengths in medical use- THC is about 20 times more powerful than aspirin, but this compound gives the user a psychoactive "high". CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent that possesses the ability to relax the muscles and reduce anxiety. It should be noted that an equal balance of THC and CBD makes up for a powerful combination in treating a wide variety of medical conditions and disorders.

Pharma companies are starting to realize the potency of cannabis, and are scrambling to manufacture CBD-based medicine. Sativex, an oral spray made up of cannabis has a controlled amount of CBD and THC to help in fibromyalgia. It's still in the infancy stage and should be out in the market in the next few years.

In the meantime, patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia look towards medical dispensaries and cannabis growers for relief. The only concern is that these marijuana dispensaries wouldn't have a clue as to what to recommend a patient suffering from fibromyalgia.

How To Take In Cannabis

Patients who have a history of active substance abuse and uncontrollable psychiatric conditions should check in with their doctors before starting CBD dosage. The same applies to those who have heart issues as marijuana tends to increase heart pulse rate.​

The optimal concentration should include a well-balanced CBD to THC ratio. The best way to go about finding the right dosage is to start low, then gradually increasing until the desired effect is achieved. Cannabis should not be smoked as it does further damage to the lung tissues; instead, look for CBD salves, balms, liquid extracts, edibles and oils. Fibromyalgia patients have reported relief from muscle pain without the "high" when CBD-based salves were applied topically.​

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