Hypertension Treatment With MMJ

Cannabis for Hypertension

The latest studies regarding metabolic syndrome have concluded that consumption of medical marijuana can provide excellent relief.

The National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey has revealed that metabolic syndrome is a condition that affects thousands of people in the US and around the world. The symptoms include obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, among others.

A recent journal published by the Journal of Medicine in America showed how an analysis made by the Leonard Miller Medicine School in the Miami University revealed individuals who had a regular intake of medical marijuana had a 50% reduction rate when it comes to acquiring metabolic syndrome as compared to those who haven't taken a dose of cannabis their whole lives.

The popular misconception is that the cannabis users who live quite the lazy, sedentary lifestyle would be more prone to acquiring metabolic syndrome, but overwhelming evidence suggests the exact opposite to be true.

Metabolic Syndrome - A U.S. Epidemic

The original studies of the National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey states that metabolic syndrome is afflicting more and more people each day even in the decline of obesity rates in America.

Current and future lawmakers should sit up and pay attention as to what metabolic syndrome can bring to an aging population and rising health care costs. The findings of the study should help policy makers vie for expanded access to medical marijuana and a better, more relaxed cannabis usage law.

The authors who wrote the analysis NHANES study had this to say: "the use of medical marijuana and the link to a lower odds of acquiring metabolic syndrome has been observed in middle-aged US citizens. We recommend further research to see just what the biological connection is in regards to cannabis and metabolic syndrome.

The fact that medical marijuana as an acceptable medical treatment is slowly growing across the nation. This becomes even more important as society faces epidemic after epidemic of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and much, much more.

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