Medical Cannabis Effect on Aids and HIV

Cannabis for HIV Aids

Cannabis is a widely known therapeutic medicine that can stop vomiting, nausea and seizures with just one drop or one puff. It's one of the best ways to acquire needed nutrients, stimulate appetite and reduce epileptic episodes. But can medical marijuana help ease neuropathic pain induced by AIDS or HIV?

Marinol is the most popular drug that's a copy of THC in pill form, but the effects aren't even close to what medical marijuana can offer. Patients who inhaled cannabis saw a large difference between the two, due to the fact that the marijuana plant contains hundreds more terpenoids and cannabinoids than Marinol. Plus, Marinol is known to cause unpleasant side effects such as leaving the user "high" for hours and leaving them unable to work or function in day-to-day living. At times it causes the user to instantly fall asleep.

Cannabis may be inhaled and the user will have a greater deal of control over the dosage. The beneficial effects occur within minutes of consuming medical marijuana instead of hours in Marinol. Cannabis also shows potential in acting as a HIV/AIDS inhibitor via slowing down the replication process.

Let's not forget how cannabis can improve the patient's quality of life. Enjoyment is healing, and this is what medical marijuana can do for those who are suffering from debilitating and uncurable diseases.

Using Cannabis For AIDS/HIV

Those who wish to use medical marijuana to ease the effects of AIDS/HIV must consult their physicians whether the alternative treatment is compatible with them or not. The physician will be able to recommend options that the patient may try instead of going for traditional treatment.

Terminally ill patients have the choice to pass their remaining days fighting waves of agonizing pain or they can opt for comfort and peace. For individuals who see no hope at the end of the tunnel, medical cannabis can change the quality of life instantly and for the better.

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