Raw Cannabis Smoothie For A Healthier You

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Love smoothies? Try some raw cannabis. Fresh, unheated and uncured, cannabis is at its best. A smoothie or juice provides you a refreshing drink in its cannabinoid acid-rich state. Unlike the aged, heated and cured weed, the compounds in the raw form won't get you high. What you enjoy is a higher quality of life with the plethora of health benefits you reap!

​How exactly does the raw cannabis plant and its THCA composition benefit you?

While many who are familiar with cannabis often smoke the herb or dab concentrates, drinking it raw may be quite as rewarding. Potent cannabinoid compounds are retained in the trichromes or resin glands of the plant. Of the cannabinoid acids, THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) ranks among the most abundant and usually accounts for approximately 20 percent of the cannabis bud.

Numerous research conducted on cannabis are focused on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The euphoric high-inducing compound may be the more famous of the two, but the non-psychoactive THCA is actually the primary form. When the leaves are heated and aged, that's when THCA transforms into the psychoactive THC that makes a person high with its mind-altering effects. Ingesting the plant raw means consuming cannabinoid acids that are 1,000x more beneficial than smoking the psychoactive THC, according to dietary raw cannabis specialist Dr. William Courtney.

People who experience pain can acquire relief from the raw cannabis plant's THCA constituent without smoking weed and affecting their consciousness. Raw cannabis does not contain substantial amounts of THC, if any trace at all. Painful muscle stiffness, tension and cramping brought about by conditions such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or menstrual periods will soon subside.

You get the most out of THCA by blending or juicing raw cannabis leaves for a super healthy morning drink, allowing to steep in water for a warm cup of tea, incorporating into dips and dressings, or sprinkling onto your salad.

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