Weed for Women: A Pain-Free Period

Cannabis for Menstrual Cramps

Smoking pot may not sound like a doctor's prescription for menstrual cramps, but marijuana may be the key to a pain-free period.

Recent studies have shown that medical cannabis can be quite an effective form of pain relief. Though research isn't ample enough to back up physicians just yet, women have been prescribed similar treatment centuries back.

A popular 17th century remedy came in a small bottle of dysmenine, a syrup based on cannabis, which helped women with conditions ranging from nervous hysteria to cramps. During the 19th century, even Queen Victoria was prescribed cannabis and her royal highness' menstrual struggles were alleviated by the syringe-delivered drug.

Marijuana's menstrual uses continue to be discovered in modern day. Those who wish to trade Midol for a better solution have got various options. Nugs of weed are now an alternative to tampons, with Fiora offering vaginal suppositories to their exclusive medical marijuana collective and medical marijuana card holders. The three-ingredient product comprised of organic cocoa butter, CO2 distilled THC oil and CBD isolate promotes muscle relaxation to the woman's relief from painful cramps.

Cannabis-infused creams are also available as topical application for pre-menstrual breast swelling and tenderness. Apothecanna is another company supercharged by medical marijuana. Their innovative creation is a calming body creme designed to help ease tension in women through anti-inflammatory cannabis, lavender and chamomile constituents.

These modern options are great for ladies looking to remedy their painful cycles without lighting up. For those open to the idea of smoking weed during their period, marijuana can both reduce pain and uplift spirits. While medical marijuana can help women overcome excruciating and frustrating menstrual pain, smoking weed regularly may also cause shorter, irregular, and probably missed periods.

Different cannabis strains can help deal with different symptoms, with varying effects for every woman. Blue Dream is a favorite, providing much-needed relief with more relaxed muscles, less cramps, and a brighter mood.

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